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NEW Goody Doublewear Ponytailer + Bracelet = Brilliant! 

[Disclosure: Yes, this is a blatantly promotional review...at my urgent request (because I couldn't find them in stores yet), Goody graciously sent a Goody Box of the NEW DoubleWEAR Ponytailer/Bracelets and Headwrap/Necklaces for Rebel Review.
The following anecdote is all true...]

Blessed with long hair and lots of it, 14yo Drama Queen and I are the Ponytail Princess and Ponytail Queen, respectively -- always stylish, of course, but with the ever-present hairband(s) on the wrist to instantly transform into our alter-ego ponytail fashionistas, when it gets hot or windy or it's time to pull all that mess back and really get to work.

As seen in PEOPLE Magazine recently:

I have been waiting for this for years...honestly.

I ripped the ad out (as I often do)(it is my own magazine), in hot pursuit of this fabulous new product...more excited than I should be, about hairbands, but if you constantly have an elastic on your wrist, clashing with jewelry or unintentionally looking like a kabbalah devotee (if it's red)...you understand.

As I mentioned, it's a brand-new product I couldn't find in the stores and I was too excited to wait, so my friends at Newell Rubbermaid, right here in Atlanta (parent company), sent me The Box with four sets of ponytailers (silver & gold) and two sets of headwraps (headbands) to test drive. And we did.

I love, Love, LOVE the ponytailer, which is simply a black elastic band with a two-inch metal tube on it, in silver or gold, three different metal patterns. When you wear the three bands together, it makes a very attractive layered bracelet, so simple, yet elegant. You could wear these as bracelets with just about anything. When you need a hairband, you take one or more off and wrap your ponytail just like normal, sliding the metal tube around to the top. Brilliant!

The headband/necklace is a great idea, too, and my 14yo Drama Queen has been wearing them all over -- a perfect accent to her casual Skater Grrrl style. The headbands come two to a package, one silver and one gold: a much larger black elastic, with a 5" curved metal tube. It makes an attractive choker necklace (single or double) and slides up to be a pretty headband. I haven't quite got the hang of it, and it's a little tight for my comfort, both on my neck and around my head, but headbands always are uncomfortable for me. Drama and I were quite happy to divvy out the bracelets to Mom and the necklaces/headbands to Dear Daughter.

The Goody Doublewear Ponytailer/Bracelets and Headwrap/Necklaces are now available in stores everywhere, including Target and Wal-Mart...go get you some! (Great stocking stuffers!)

[You can see more images, and a beautiful model (much better photographic quality, I mean) showing them on the Goody website: www.goody.com.]

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Reader Comments (4)

just bought the ponytail holders for my sister and for the kid for Christmas because I saw you mention them earlier! they look cool and hope they hold up thick long hair (if they do for y'all, then they will work for us). do the headbands really stay put (the other Goody product I love)?
November 27, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMel
Hey Mel, thanks for your comment! They are very cool. The headbands stay put -- they are tight! I can get away with just one hairband for the ponytail, but HK wraps all 3 on her thick & curly tail -- it looks cute! I'll update with a pic--
I've looked for these at multiple stores where they have Goody products and can't find them anywhere. I wrote to Goody and they just sent me a list of their retailers...who don't have them, at least around here. Frustrating.
December 10, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterAmy
I personally did not like the Goody ones as they pulled on my hair. But I just found these new ones called Pony Bracelets which are so cool. They hold your hair great and didn't pull on my hiar the way the other ones did and come in so many fun colours. You should try them. They had a web site so it was easy to order them. ponybracelets.com
April 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSuzy Brown

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