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Target - Global Bazaar

Got through errands yesterday and found myself at Target--I can't help myself, I'm addicted. I even had to go the mall on a Christmas return mission, and I was in and out of there as fast as possible...to get to Target.

If I'm the first to tell you, I have EXCITING NEWS: They have cleared out all the holiday stuff to make way for the new Target GLOBAL BAZAAR. You have to see it to believe it--amazing! I was there to buy soap and toothpaste, and I just wandered up to see what was in all the boxes and trolleys, surrounded by red-shirts (Target employees), trying to hold back the eager housefraus, who were already whipped up into a frenzy, circling their red, plastic shopping carts like a wagon train, closing in with cackles and cries of discovery like a gang of buzzards. So I joined in.

Even the red-shirts couldn't contain their excitement over all the new, wonderful Global Bazaar products from all over the world, including India and Asia, Africa, and Latin America. They carefully opened each carton, and held up whatever it was to the adoring crowd to a chorus of "ohhhh" and "aaahhhh", and the pushy blonde screaming, "It's MINE! I saw it first--GIVE ME THAT!!!"

Target's new Global Bazaar is like the Best Of Pier One and Cost Plus World Market--without all the hazardous glassware (Pier One--I always feel like a bull in a china shop in that store) and exotic, international food and wine (World Market). It's all just STUFF--dust-catchers, really: vases and statuary, bookends, picture frames, pillows, candles, baskets, and furniture. But it's all SO COOL!

I tried to be calm, I really did. I don't even have my 10% January discount pass yet (a perk of the Target VISA), but I couldn't just walk away...I fought my way through--thank god I'm tall!--and managed to grab a matching pair of bubble glass and metal lidded jars (urns, I guess you could say)--I didn't see any others like that (unique!), so I didn't have a chance to think about it--you grab & go at an Event like this. I was also able to pull out two decorative pillows, and a basket (a late Christmas gift)(to someone else), but then I had to back off, or I was in danger of going under--trampled like the small guy in a european soccer crush.

I scurried off with my treasures, and my soap and toothpaste, and rushed home to set out urns and pillows, and start making up this story to justify the off-list, out-of-budget purchases and get my husband all excited about Target's new Global Bazaar (he wasn't)...I'm going back today for another pillow. It's the excitement of the hunt, I swear!

Check it out: Target World Bazaar


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