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Rebel Housewife on Twitter!

I mentioned Twitter back in November...
I'm on Twitter!! (Again, why I don't exactly know, but it has something to do with keeping in touch on the iPhone and not having to TEXT.) Friend me and I will respond, but I'm not exactly sure how to make it work, or why, but they tell me it is going to be a great way to keep in touch (hubby, kids)...
Since then, Twitter has become a primary means of communication within our always-busy, five-different-directions-at-once immediate family: Mom, Dad & 3 kids. It's like a carry-around bulletin board with post-it messages of 140 characters max (this limitation is a good thing, especially for me) - a great way to know who is doing what, where, when, etc., and when/where he/she needs to be picked up. Very convenient.

I'm also following several Twitters of personal interest:

As much as I love Private Family Twitter, I could not imagine anybody outside the immediate nuclear transportation unit being interested in my 140-character comings and goings. I have been surprised at the number of Follower Requests to the private account and I always feel bad to decline, but seriously - ya'll don't want to know if I'm in a bad mood or what we're having for dinner!

However...interpersonal and professional communication is changing rapidly in the modern technology-addicted age. Even I have noticed. In the past couple of months, it seems everybody, every organization, every company, large and small, is on Twitter and/or one of the other big social networking sites. I am happy to Twitter, and have fairly successfully acclimated to it, but I'm not going to be MySpace-ing or FaceBook-ing any time soon. The biggest reason not: TMI!

In general, I've discovered my preference for receiving 140-character updates over longer emails, articles, newsletters, etc. - just the facts, please! I also discovered I like the limitation of 140 character messages when sending - Too Much Information, people. I am trying to simplify my life and suppress my own natural tendencies toward verbal spew...

So this summer, for Camp Mommy V, I've set up a Twitter account for RebelHousewife.com, for quick, succinct updates and information...140 character message to follow:

Follow me: twitter 'follow rebelupdate' if you are already on or sign up for a free account if you're not! Watch the video on twitter.com!

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Reader Comments (2)

OK, I realize that I am twitter-challenged. But I can't find rebelupdate on twitter to follow you! I've been trying to get into the whole twitter thing for several months (because I'm already addicted to the whole facebook thing and I need another time-suck). But I can't quite figure out how to do it w/o having to go to the website. I don't have an iPhone or unlimited text like all the cool kids have (the latter is mostly just to tick my 12-year-old off). anyhow, remedial help would be welcome!:)
June 4, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterMelinda
Hi Melinda! Oh Girl, talk about the blind leading the 'twitter-challenged'...

If you have an account on Twitter, you can go to your account on Twitter.com and post: FOLLOW REBELUPDATE in your own little message box and that should do it. (That's how I had to follow rebelupdate from my other account - I couldn't find it in the search either.)(I also couldn't get the LOGIN or FOLLOW buttons to work for me on the Twitter box on RebelHousewife.com - I didn't know if that was a personal problem, or what?!)

I'm not sure about Twitters to email, with the exception of Direct Twitters. I don't know about the text Twitters because that would cost me $$ for the text msgs. I have a Twitter app on the iPhone. I've also been using Twitter.com on my computer a lot lately because it is easier on the bigger screen, and with two Twitter accounts.

This Twitter experiment is a fascinating adventure in modern technology and how/why people are social networking. I like it on RebelHousewife.com because it's easy to update and I like the 140-character limitation on the posts - otherwise, as we know, I tend to get wordy!

Hope this helps!
Happy Twittering (and tell me if you find Tony Stewart or Bobby LaBonte Twitters!! ;-),
June 5, 2009 | Registered CommenterSherri Caldwell

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