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FaceBook - Not Loving It

I fought it for YEARS...but I am finally on the FaceBook and none too happy about it.

It is all so overwhelming: too much information, infinite points of contact and messaging, strangers lurking, inconvenient intrusions and the biggest potential time-suck I can imagine, especially for addictive personalities and compulsive sharers (I am/have been a member of both groups) -- no offense to my rabid FaceBook Friends who know how to FB and enjoy it, obviously a great deal.

I just don't get it.

I have already been contacted, "Friend Requested", by people I don't know, don't remember, don't want to know, don't want to remember and others I can't even categorize. Please don't be offended if I graciously "ignore" and keep this all very limited -- I am not on FaceBook to make Friends or Friends of Friends. I have no interest in the competition for number of Friends or connections or, god forbid, the games...that would be really, really, really bad for me, due to the addictive personality and/or tendency to share compulsively, which I have learned -- after 42 years -- is not always such a great thing or even a good idea online or In The Real World.

I joined the FaceBook for one reason only: to interact with my school community, Georgia Cyber Academy. FaceBook is, apparently, where it's at for the Moms, students and families who are enrolled in our online public charter school -- it is the preferred method of communication and interaction about school, activities, events and everything related. How it came to this, I don't know, but nevertheless, there, on FaceBook, I am.

Grumble, grumble...

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