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The Second Day

Very pleased to announce this morning's weigh-in: DOWN 2 LBS!!!
I've finally lost a true 10lbs since I started the low-carb adventure.

Spent the day at school, volunteering for a special project in my son's 3rd grade classroom. They are doing a special unit on The Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and his crowd. Today they all painted a la Michaelangelo in the Sistine Chapel--they had to lay down underneath their desks and paint a picture (paper taped to underside of desk) with their arms up and paint splashing down in their faces--just like Michaelangelo. It's always a new adventure in the classroom!

That reminds me--I might have found an escape clause from all the volunteering! In a classic Sherri manuever, I accidentally (really!) dumped an entire pitcher of water on one of the tables, splashing down several artists on the floor. Fortunately, they were wearing garbage-bag smocks, but it was a mess. I could see the lead volunteer mentally crossing MY name off her list! (Yay!)

The First Day

Day #1 - I am doing GREAT! No weight loss to report, not that I haven't been checking...any yet? how 'bout now? now? Maybe tomorrow--

When I was working out this morning (some of my best thinking time), I thought of my son's 3rd grade teacher--now, don't get any ideas, he's a sweetie, but I'm not really his type, if you know what I mean--Anyway, he started dieting earlier this year and, get this, was brave enough to post his weight in his classroom, up on the board in a progress chart, week to week. I noticed when I was in the classroom last week, that he's lost about 10lbs as well, in roughly the same amount of time, probably ten or twelve weeks--thing is, he STARTED 10lbs lighter than me, so it's really just too depressing...

On the writing side of things, we are working with our publisher on endorsements this week--sexy, snappy little blurbs for the back cover of the book from Recognized Names (someone besides my mother and Vicki's sister), celebrity Rebel Housewives like Kelly Ripa, Courtney Cox, Patricia Heaton--does anybody have any celebrity connections out there? Six degrees of separation and all that...maybe I should work out again and give it some more thought...

Weight Loss Challenge

I've been low-carbing since December 2003. I started with Atkins--hated that. Moved on to South Beach Diet--love it. I quickly dropped 9lbs in the first week...then nothing! Little ups, little downs for the next 9 weeks. And so-and-so lost 25lbs, and the other one lost 40lbs (Bitch). I need to lose 30lbs...actually 31lbs MORE. In the next 4 weeks, before I put on the bikini in Florida and show off the new belly piercing! (Don't get me wrong--I am no hard-body, even after the 31lbs, but bikinis are the only way to go so you can go to the bathroom without having to take everything off!)(I'm a 36-year-old mother of three--so I've got a little belly bonus (that will probably never go away, even after 31lbs) and a few stretch marks--badges of honor, Baby.)

Anyway. I've decided this is a pivotal week--I'm going to give it my all. Stick to the lo-carb regimen and workout daily for an entire week. Another 9lbs would be nice, but probably not realistic. We'll see--and I'll tell. Honest.
Stay tuned--

Beware, Volunteer!

Busy day--busy week caught up in Book Fair at our elementary school. Beware of volunteering. I volunteered one morning a week in the Media Center (library) at the kid's school to be an involved parent. The library is a great place to volunteer, particularly if you are a writer and you love books, because the children come in with their class, they are quiet and orderly, happy and excited to check out books--and then they all leave! But you know what happens when you volunteer? Last year, it was one pleasant morning a week. Somehow this year, I've ended up as Chief Parent Volunteer ("Media Center Parent Coordinator") and I now do my one long morning into early afternoon each week, another afternoon for a weekly meeting, every day this week for the Book Fair, other assorted tasks as needed on-call, and I'm building a new Kindergarten Library at a satellite facility to open in the Fall (what a nightmare)! How did this happen?!

The Weekly Update

I wish I could tell you that our new website is finally ready, but it's going to take
another week or so to put on the finishing touches--grrrr!
Enjoy the new column, Vicki's "Are You There?"--technology can be funny!
And this week's features:
Spring Reading & Multi-Media For Kids (Review)
Stir-Fried Noodles W/Crispy Chicken (Recipe)

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