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I am so off the wagon--

--up 6 lbs after the weekend: Bachelorette Party & Mother's Day. Nachos for the hangover, which seems to linger longer now that I am older. Ugh, I'm nearly back to where I started 10 weeks ago, and less than a week to the wedding! Back on track--tomorrow.

We got our page proofs from the publisher today--complete layout of how the book will look. It's so exciting, but at the same time--this is it. They're not likely to change anything at this point. We had an awful lot of edits on the first manuscript--I'm too nervous to look at the proofs and see if they changed things back the way we wanted or left it hacked up, which would be a disappointment. It's hard to be editted and lose control of your masterpiece!

Enough of the Counting!

You all get the idea, and I missed a day yesterday--I went up 1 lb, but I'm back to the -2 lb, and I was good today. I can handle this low-carb stuff, except for giving up chocolate, but the sugar-free chocolate (Atkins Endulge Caramel Nut Chew and Russell Stover *Sugar Free* Pecan Delight) makes it a whole lot easier. I tried Arby's low-carb turkey bacon wrap today--yum!

Heard back from Sharon Stone's rep--she declined the preview of THE REBEL HOUSEWIFE RULES, but that's okay. We've had great response from Atlanta women in the media (tv and radio). And we've still got Jada and Kelly Preston! This whole author thing with the book is such a trip--

The Third Day

...well, do you know how GOOD California Pizza Kitchen's "Rosemary Chicken" Pizza is??? With the slices of golden Yukon potatoes? Not very low-carb. And I never had a chance to really work-out today, but I walked around the soccer fields about a dozen times during my daughter's soccer practice--three soccer moms, high-stepping it around the fields for a good 30 minutes...I'll let you know how it works out on the scale in the morning--

On the endorsement project: I talked to Jada Pinkett Smith's publicist today, AND Kelly Preston's manager--they called me! We're sending them preview copies of THE REBEL HOUSEWIFE RULES: TO HECK WITH DOMESTIC BLISS! We sent out a one-page fax this morning to "Honorary Rebel Housewives"--50 fabulous women, high profile wives and mothers to ask if we could send a preview copy (ideally for positive endorsements we can blurb on the back cover). I didn't know what to expect--I'm thrilled! (There's got to be a better word than that--)

The Second Day

Very pleased to announce this morning's weigh-in: DOWN 2 LBS!!!
I've finally lost a true 10lbs since I started the low-carb adventure.

Spent the day at school, volunteering for a special project in my son's 3rd grade classroom. They are doing a special unit on The Renaissance, Leonardo da Vinci and his crowd. Today they all painted a la Michaelangelo in the Sistine Chapel--they had to lay down underneath their desks and paint a picture (paper taped to underside of desk) with their arms up and paint splashing down in their faces--just like Michaelangelo. It's always a new adventure in the classroom!

That reminds me--I might have found an escape clause from all the volunteering! In a classic Sherri manuever, I accidentally (really!) dumped an entire pitcher of water on one of the tables, splashing down several artists on the floor. Fortunately, they were wearing garbage-bag smocks, but it was a mess. I could see the lead volunteer mentally crossing MY name off her list! (Yay!)

The First Day

Day #1 - I am doing GREAT! No weight loss to report, not that I haven't been checking...any yet? how 'bout now? now? Maybe tomorrow--

When I was working out this morning (some of my best thinking time), I thought of my son's 3rd grade teacher--now, don't get any ideas, he's a sweetie, but I'm not really his type, if you know what I mean--Anyway, he started dieting earlier this year and, get this, was brave enough to post his weight in his classroom, up on the board in a progress chart, week to week. I noticed when I was in the classroom last week, that he's lost about 10lbs as well, in roughly the same amount of time, probably ten or twelve weeks--thing is, he STARTED 10lbs lighter than me, so it's really just too depressing...

On the writing side of things, we are working with our publisher on endorsements this week--sexy, snappy little blurbs for the back cover of the book from Recognized Names (someone besides my mother and Vicki's sister), celebrity Rebel Housewives like Kelly Ripa, Courtney Cox, Patricia Heaton--does anybody have any celebrity connections out there? Six degrees of separation and all that...maybe I should work out again and give it some more thought...