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Rainy Memorial Day in Atlanta

We're off to the beach Wednesday, so it can rain all it wants, as long as it stays in Atlanta. (I just had a horrifying picture of being stuck in a house on the beach for 10 stormy days with 5 children under age 10 and my in-laws, whom I love and enjoy greatly, but still...)

So I'm sure you're all dying to know...the results of the 5-day CLEANSE--drinking fiber/protein shakes and eating little dirt bars for 5 days straight. The big payoff: ZERO pounds lost. How is that possible? So I'm back to my modified South Beach Diet/low-carb (kinda) thing (except for California Pizza Kitchen and their Rosemary Chicken/Yukon Potato Pizza).

Still, I have discovered the secret, and I know you don't want to hear it (I've avoided it for years): EXERCISE. It works! I finally broke through a plateau (1?0), with a workout video from a friend. I can recommend it, because it's fun and effective (only a little bit annoying with the perky factor): Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone/2 Miles. I've been walking on the treadmill, which I enjoy, but WATP is good (not on the treadmill) because she uses weights for upper-body work for a portion of the two-mile walk (approx 30 minutes) that you can do right in the middle of your living room, between the couch and the easy chair. Very easy, very convenient. Enough advertising for today!

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Pardon me while I tinker with the blog template and design...I'll have it all in shape very soon, I promise!


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Two Weeks Later...

1) FedEx'd page proofs back to publisher today with edits (suggested, hoped for). The Rebel Housewife Rules looks fantastic! On track to be in book stores in September!

2) Crazy busy with last week of school. Now we're all off for the summer--me and three kids, all day, every day. We're off to Florida next week.

3) I've gone radical on the weight loss with a 5-day "CLEANSE" and daily work-outs (on Day 3), then back to modified "carb-light" to ENJOY vacation. Working toward the swimsuit next week! Overall, I've lost 12lbs, 28 more to go over the summer...

A NEW RULE: Don't Wear White!

I'm struggling back from the excesses of the weekend Bachelorette Party--you can hear all about it, and see pictures, but you've got to SUBSCRIBE to The Rebel Housewife! Go ahead--it's free. Email to:

So I'm down 3 lbs from the 6 lbs I gained over the weekend...I was looking at all the pictures from the Bachelorette Party--they're pretty wild. I was decked out in bronze satin cargo pants, bronze strappy stilettos, and a white sleeveless collared shirt over a killer chocolate lacy/decorative bra from Intimacy--expensive enough to let it peek out a little! And that was fine...but, that white shirt in the pictures--I look like a cow! No more white! (As I'm running out the door in my white v-neck tshirt, but a tshirt is different!)

Taking my page proofs and heading out for a quick lunch and a look-see...