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101 Sexy & Fun Love Notes - FREE eBook (until 2/15/15)!

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2015 and the launch of a new ebook series:
The Rebel Housewife: Survival Guides (Surviving Happily Ever After!) with
101 Sexy & Fun Love Notes:
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Well, with all THAT going on, it has given me pause to reflect on love and romance and relationships... and marriage. It seems incredible and weird and unbelievable that I can say: Prince Charming and I have been married for TWENTY-SIX years -- wow -- and still going strong!

Yes, we started off very, very young: I was just 20 and he was 22. It doesn't even seem like that could be possible, then or now -- we're still way too young to be married that long, unruly silver hair (mine) and the accumulation of love and good food (about 20lbs for both of us), notwithstanding.

I have been married now for longer than I was not.

In the beginning, I was the Other Girl and he was the Wrong Boy -- according to my mother, anyway. I liked the motorcycle and his 'Bohemian' lifestyle (living on ramen and mac & cheese on his buddies' laundry porch -- one guy lived on the pool table). We quickly disentangled ourselves from other relationships in the face of destiny and enjoyed our very own Summer of Love after my high school graduation in 1985. I was very young, at 17, and it took me a year or two to settle down and commit to monogamy long-term, with enough first-year-college experience and variety to know he was The One. I never expected it to happen so early, but we both just knew (and we were right!).

We married on August 6, 1988, in a garden courtyard on a threatening-to-be-rainy day at our beloved Manor Farm Inn in Poulsbo, Washington, and the Adventure(s) began...

More than a quarter-century and three nearly-grown children later, it still seems so new, to my constant amazement. We still love each other, more every day, and we still like each other, too. I keep thinking, twenty-five-plus years into this, I should have some wisdom, the benefit of happily-ever-after experience, advice to share; besides, you know, marry young and basically Imprint on each other.

People ask us the secret to a long and happy relationship?

For us, it's all about new Adventures and the appreciation of Magical Moments; to create a life in which there are many of each. It keeps us together, always wondering (in a good way): What's next?!

As for advice, back to basics, the foundation:
The Rebel Housewife: Survival Guides (Surviving Happily Ever After!)
101 Sexy & Fun Love Notes:
Romantic Tips & Tricks to FIRE UP the Passion & Romance in Your Relationship

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Whether you've been together two years, or twenty, or just starting out, 101 Sexy & Fun Love Notes has something for everyone.

Please take advantage of the Valentine's Day Launch Promotion and download the ebook FREE on Amazon Kindle, February 10th - 14th. (If you don't have a Kindle, you can download a FREE Kindle Reader App for your computer, tablet, or smartphone on Amazon -- a link to do that is at the top of the 101 Sexy & Fun Love Notes page on Amazon.)

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Escape From Suburbia

by Sherri Caldwell - The Rebel Housewife®

The suburbs offered one form of happily-ever-after; but, at a certain point, we had to get out.

As far as suburbs go, "Stepford of the South" was very nice: big houses, two-and-even-three-car garages, enormous lawns. It was like having your own private park, front and back. Of course, the front yard was for show, purely ornamental. The back yard was for living.

Not that anyone wanted or needed privacy. Stepford was a community, a haven for People Like Us, with families and neighbors destined to become Friends For Life. It was written into the sales contract, and the neighborhood bylaws.

After all, we paid extra for upscale family storage. The corporate bosses of our hard-working commuter dads paid well to keep the family far enough away, with a large enough mortgage and household expenses, to ensure job dedication and healthy separation.

Every Monday, the husbands went to work. The children went to school. The wives kept house, shopped, socialized and maintained a busy schedule of community and school-related commitments, basically running the world from their designated PTA regiments.

In the afternoon, the children came home, briefly, and were then carpooled to their various activities. Dinner was inevitably a la drive-thru. The husbands came home late and scrounged for leftovers. Exhausted from the daily round, bedtime came early, after homework and school projects. Repeat through Friday.

The weekends were sacrificed to the Gods of Lawn Care-- Olympics-worthy competition amongst the men, all weekend, every weekend.

My Prince Charming became a commuting, work-in-the-city, weekend-lawn-warrior stranger. When I realized I was spending far more quality time with my crazy neighbor, a doctor’s wife, than my own husband, the suburban fairytale started to break down.

The big, roomy house with lots of space became too much to maintain, to clean, to keep track of young people and family pets. I realized I hadn’t seen my middle child for five years in this mausoleum.

As for the lawn... You know, the city offers and maintains municipal parks. They are generally bigger and better-equipped. And you don’t have to feed every random child who wanders through.

Friends For Life and People Like Us had been selling points, but who can stand their own company interminably, without any variety? We began to plot our escape. From Soccer Moms and Minivans, to the diversity of the city, where we belonged.

The stranger we called Daddy transformed from an exhausted commuter/weekend warrior to a healthy, happy and involved father who walks to work and is home every night for dinner. All of a sudden, he’s always there, where and when he hadn’t been before. While it takes some getting used to, we got out just in time.

--- Sherri Caldwell, The Rebel Housewife®, is an author, columnist and reviewer at After many years as a PTA Mom in the suburbs, she now lives happily-ever-after with her husband, three teenagers, and Mocha-the-Dog, in a midtown high-rise in Atlanta, Georgia.

New on Rebel Reviews: THE GOLDFINCH

Happy New Year!!! If you have not heard about the latest novel by best-selling author Donna Tartt, you might have been living under a rock?! Probably not, and completely understandable, in the rush and clamor of the holidays and the start of a new year, but you won't be able to avoid news of this literary sensation for long, which is such a rare and wonderful event in the world of books these days!

Although The Goldfinch was officially released on October 23rd, by Christmas 2013, it was already heralded on many reputable lists as the #1 Book of 2013.
It is extraordinary.

Enjoy the Rebel Review:




I've said I am giving up book reviews, other than blurbs and mentions on social media, which seem to generate more buzz these days, anyway. I have been working on other projects for actual money! revenue! consideration! More than just a free book, anyway. Rebel Reviews are time-consuming. But here's one more, you just never know when I'm going to enjoy something enough to...

Check out the latest Rebel Review:




Zachary Aaron Caldwell, son of Russ & Sherri Caldwell of Midtown Atlanta, and a 2013 graduate of Henry W. Grady High School, recently completed Navy Boot Camp at the U.S. Navy Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes, Illinois.

Seaman Caldwell successfully completed the eight-week program of intensive training, which culminated in the twelve-hour, overnight exam, Battle Stations 21, aboard the USS Trayer, the Navy's high-tech disaster simulator (as featured on CNN).

Because of his previous JROTC leadership experience at Grady High School, Caldwell served as his Division #313 AROC - Asst Recruit Chief Petty Officer, 2nd in command, during Boot Camp.

He was promoted in the last week of Basic Training and led his Division #313 as RPOC - Recruit Chief Petty Officer, 1st in Command, in the formal Pass In Review Graduation Ceremony on 23 August 2013. There were 871 graduating Sailors in 11 divisions on that date.

Seaman Caldwell reported to the Center for Information Dominance - Corry Station, Pensacola, Florida, on 24 August 2013 to begin 22 weeks "A School" Training as an Information Systems Technician (IT).