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The Rebel Housewife is Time-out for Moms!

Our mission is to entertain, inform, commiserate, and provide a much-needed outlet and diversion for Rebel Housewives everywhere with The Rebel Housewife column, reviews, ezine, books and other resources: grown-up interaction, community, support, entertainment, and lots of laughter.

REBEL - Right Here, Right Now:
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What is a Rebel Housewife?
Rebel Housewives are wives and mothers, trying to balance life, home, and family on the same old 24 hours every day, in an increasingly complex, stressful world. Whether we are working outside the home or at home, part-time or full-time, we are all on mommy-time (which is, of course, 24/7). We love our husbands and children, and deeply appreciate the opportunity to be at home with them if possible, but let's face it--as important as it is, and as rewarding as it can be--if we can't have a little fun, let down our hair, laugh, commiserate, even bitch and whine once in a while--rebel just a little--everybody's in trouble!

We hope you'll join the conversation and enjoy the ride. We can guarantee it will be fun--how could it NOT be, when you get involved with a rowdy pack of Rebel Housewives? is a proud member of
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